International Fashion Award


The concept reflects a utopia of “camp” – a world without technology.

Profile of Marusja Gerassimoff

The concept “CAMP UTOPIA” reflects a fun and careless world out of reach in nature and criticises the dystopian GEN Z social media culture we live in. The inspiration for this project was my personal experience in a summer camp in Canada for seven whole summers in my teenage years. It has shaped my person there as a camper and later as a counselor and imprinted values I try to carry on today. The phillosophy of summer camp is to create a happy environment under leadership and to grow socially, emotionally, physically & intel- lectually in an aventurous and fun spirit - amongst friends.
Escaping into this ultimate childhood memory and perfect bubble, this illusion makes the audience forget what it means to live in our digital and grown up society and offers a playful pause from reality. The collection takes up six core values that have lost focus in society and emphaysizes their importance. Describing the endless spirit, “CAMP UTOPIA” offers an escapism to an infinite source of fulfilment and happiness- creating a space of friendship and sister- hood in beatuiful nature.

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