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Management Award 2021

Lilian Weiermann

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Was die Jury sagt

Customer Education on Sustainable Garment Care

“Die englischsprachige Abschlussarbeit von Lilian Weiermann begeistert und überzeugt in Inhalt und Ausführung. Sie zeigt auf, wie durch die Konsumentenbildung jeder einzelne von uns bei der alltäglichen Pflege von Bekleidung seinen Beitrag zur Ressourcenschonung und Nachhaltigkeit leisten kann – und wie Unternehmen Bildungsanreize schaffen können. Praxisnähe par excellence.”

Prof. Ing. Regine Hövelmann, Prof. Dorothea Barth, Prof. Sven Pudwell, Prof. Marcus Mattes

Prof. Dorothea Barth

Fashion Award 2021

Paul Kadjo

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PAUL KADJO presents: The Spirit Between Bodies And Objects

“Paul Kadjo asks us about our very human selves and in wearing KADJO, we will align with his intercultural proposition that is essential and powerful for 2021 Fashion identity today. Paul will assist us all to emerge and lead;  his craft, colour, material we can feel even in the visual and that spirit and relation to our planet is crucial.  Thank you PK..“

Zowie Broach

“Herausragend an der Kollektion ist, dass beides klar wird: das Spirituelle und Intellektuelle in der Geschichte der Entwürfe und gleichzeitig die Wertschätzung im Umgang mit Natur-Ressourcen, das Erdverbundene. Kadjo hat ein mehrdimensionales Verständnis von Nachhaltigkeit und seine Mode ist Ausdruck interkultureller Begegnung – und macht Spaß! Ich möchte sie in Bewegung sehen!”

Fabian Hart

I really appreciated how so many of the AMD students used the necessary approach to using fashion as a platform to amplify messages around important current events.
Fashion is political, it has always been.
Paul’s work really stood out particularly.
His sensible approach made a perfect balance in showcasing his unique viewpoint and claiming the space for his personal story.
His delivery of his proposal was accomplished and heartfelt.

Serhat Isik

Sustainability Award 2021

Marissa Oswald

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Was die Jury sagt

Ecotopia: Exploring More Sustainable Fashion Futures Through Science Fiction

“A new and transformative generation of fashion designers is on the rise to ship us into a greener and more holistic future.”

Lavinia Muth

“Although I thought all submissions were incredible from this cohort of students, Marisa really stood out to me with her core message that trying to achieve change by sharing charts, facts and graphs will not move the needle at all – the problems we face are so planetary in nature, nothing short of galactic storytelling and describing utopian visions will do!”

Vanessa Egli

“This work goes beyond what exists today. It is not making problems less problematic but shows the need of a complete transformation how we define fashion in the future. It’s funny, innovative and an intentionally naive but optministc view of the future. That is what we need: a new school of thoughts, technology will not fix it but people and systems. Something really dramatic needs to happen and this work shows substance of urgencies.“

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart